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I really like this idea, and this creature is extremely creative. However, there were some parts of the drawing that confused me. What on Earth were those two black lines coming from her head to her shoulders? I kept staring at them, but the only thing I got was sunglasses cords, like the kind you see old librarians wear. While she is immortal, a)she doesn't wear glasses, and b)she may be actually very old, but she does not look old and wrinkly. Also, why do her wings appear to be clipped to that black triangle patch on her chest? Other than that, good drawing.
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Incyray Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Student General Artist
thank you! the black lines are antennas. the wings look the way they do becuase the 'clips' are hooks that stem from her back and actually puncture the area between her clavicle and shoulder blades.

did you read my montrosous info on her? becuase i i'm pretty sure i wrote that.
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